Seeing Yourself

Do you ever wonder when you look in the mirror what you would see if you could see yourself as others see you? Would you see your face, or your body, or would you see all of who you are? You are so much more than what you see when you look at the outside. Who you are lives on the inside. Who you are has been wonderfully and miraculously created. There is nothing wrong with you or any part of you. You are designed to be unique, talented, and lovable.
Let this be your affirmation today. I am unique, talented and lovable. Take it from affirmation to declaration. Say it to your family. Email it to your friends. Write it in a journal. Put it on post-it notes and put them where you’ll see them. If you want to go even deeper, say it in front of your mirror. In fact, say it 10 times. Notice how your voice changes as you do. Say it everyday. “You are unique. You are talented. You are lovable.