Janice Hoffman



Janice Hoffman is the author of the award-winning book, Relationship Rules ~ 12 Strategies for Creating a Love That Lasts. If you have wondered what motivates someone's behavior? It is possible to bridge the gender gap in your world with effective and easy-to-use relationship skills.

Helping men and women apply the right tools to improve the quality of their relationships is Janice's passion resulting in couples having a “communication toolbox” they can use to increase communication, passion and love in their relationships.

Looking at their current relationships with a fresh point of view is Janice's strength. As a professional speaker, Janice inspires her audiences  On a more personal level, coaching one-to-one helps couples and singles achieve results quickly.  Janice's approach to coaching is goal oriented for desired results.   

Janice’s sincere and warm spirit and her knowledge of gender differences are invaluable. Men and women find her thought provoking, practical and motivating. Allow her personality to touch your heart, her message expand to your mind.